Tuesday, January 6, 2009

el tarro january 2009

more than 150 million of children live in the streets around the world.
40 million are in latin america.
you are invited to the summer sessions of the smallest performing space in the
el tarro brings a reality of colombian street to the melbourne street:

the story of luis

image of colombian children obtained from the website www.patio13.com


Kiddiepunk said...

hey claudia,
nice meeting you last night. looks like you got some great stuff going on in this blog!
hope you are well and able to dodge this crazy heat.
talk to you soon,

el tarro said...

Hi Michael,
I'm so sorry I didn't get back to you before, I just bumped into comments and saw your message... hope you still remember me. I went into your websites, I would like to know what you are up to. If you are in Melbourne, we are having a 'el tarro session' on Saturday May 29, if you want to come for a chat.