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EL TARRO is back and in alliance with peopleartpeople and Multicultural Arts Victoria, we have organized a massive Fiesta, Inti Raymi: The Celebration of the Sun. Inti Raymi was the most important celebration of the Inca Empire. This festival commemorated the winter solstice and our closeness to the sun. On the 20th of June we will be doing a tribute to this tradition through arts, music and good vibrations at the iconic Hi-Fi bar. 
We have an amazing line up including Madre Monte Lamine Sonko and the African Intelligence - The Cumbia Cosmonauts - Miss Colombia Maracatu Estrela do Mar - Mule and Oscar JimenezA celebration of light and life through arts.  We would love to see you there!
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

EL TARRO launches Miss Colombia

Colombia was once synonymous with drugs and danger, and was avoided by all but the foolhardy that would hop across the country discovering artistic and cultural gems. EL TARRO launches Miss Colombia on Saturday November 23 at Shebeen, Australia's first not-for-profit bar at Melbourne’s iconic Manchester Lane, will immerse audiences into the real Colombian life, of that unseen, remembered and imagined. 

This ode will showcase the best of the contemporary art and music made by more than 50 collaborating Colombian and Australian artists in Melbourne including visual art, music, performance art, installation, circus and food evoking South American cities and revealing the Colombia that Melbourne possesses.

This free entry event will launch new band Miss Colombia, a heart-bumping show with vintage incarnations mixing music, theatre and a tad of 60s and 70s film clips, tempered by the nostalgia of distance. Miss Colombia trashes Colombian labels such as drugs, salsa and soccer flanking a delirious ready-made performance. Its sound combines traditional Colombian rhythms with beats, Spanish pop, hip-hop, funk and opera. 
See the teaser here
See the album recording session here

Miss Colombia will be supported by Madre Monte cumbia reggae; Sydney based Chirimeros traditional colombian band, The Jills, Jose Nieto and Pablo Naranjo and DJs Saca La Mois from Cumbia Cosmonauts and El Patron.

Dichotomy of Fear by Katherine Gailer

The most recognised Colombian visual artists in Melbourne: Maria Pena, Katherine Gailer, Julian Clavijo and filmmaker Sebastian Avila have joined forces to present Alive, an intervention moving from the visual into the performance, from traces to reflections and from boundaries to transformations. Frozen moments and moving thoughts will invade the space with Anthony Rodriguez installation and Melbourne Filmoteca; tropical and Andean landscapes by Nelson Gomez will take you off these shores.

Renowned café Sonido! will be moving into the kitchen for this night only bringing arepas to Shebeen with other treats deliciosos while circus and populistic characters invade the space.

Born in Melbourne in 2008, EL TARRO has grown to be an internationally recognised creative moving space where people come together to share and be part of new artistic ideas. At EL TARRO, people encounter an organic experience where many art forms appear and any human action can become an artform. EL TARRO challenges the traditional divide between audiences and performers and between people, communities and artists. Audiences encounter a durational performance and experience made out of mini performances, live music and acts that expand the parameters of what art is.

“EL TARRO launches Miss Colombia aims to share Latin American art in Australia through artistic encounter, and to expand our awareness of this complex contemporary scene.” said Damian Smith, arts writer and curator.

Officially selected as a Leading Project across the Southern Hemisphere by The South Project Inc (2010) and with performances in San Francisco, Berlin, Venice, Bogotá, Sydney and Buenos Aires EL TARRO has engaged more than 500 artists across all disciplines and audiences of over 6,000. After more than one year away, EL TARRO is back in Melbourne successfully crowdfunded through a Pozible Gig Campaign with 148 supporters receiving the prize for the gig with most supporters. EL TARRO will then be heading to Mexico DF and Bogotá.

PICTURE IT: Summer, art, circus soccer, live music, installations, performance, coffee, cumbia, vinyl, arepas and fiesta. FREE and all the profits made at the bar that night will be donated to people in need across the world. Discover this new kind of beauty!

Event details
Date: Saturday November 23
Time: 7pm until late
Venue: Shebeen, 36 Manchester La, Melbourne, VIC

Media enquiries 
Facebook event:
Contact: Claudia Escobar. 0449 163 753

Thank you:
Jess Fairfax
Harley Stumm
Skye Gellmann
Liam Crockett
Lucia Cook- Leiva
Mauricio Leiva Cock
Jorge Leiva
Paul Reade
Nat Grant
Carolina Venegas & Juan Rivera
Emmaline Macartney
Mauricio Rivera
Vanessa Chow
Maria Patricia Guerra Escobar
Fernando Escobar
Stuart Armstrong
Alex Schoelcher
Julian Clavijo
Catalina Spinel
Christopher Leunig
Dandelion Jackson,
Azar Rahmatzadeh,
Mara Favoretto,
El Patio Spanish Language School,
Anthony Rodriguez,
Katherine Gailer,
Adri Fons,
Mary Leiva,
Ali Ro'ers,
Catalina Gonzalez,
Alice White,
Damian Smith,
Gina Rubiano,
Deshani Wickremasinghe,
Nazmy Estefan (Dos) y Vicky Estefan,
Trinidad Estay,
Naty Alessi,
David Lopez,
Ruth Sancho Huerga,
Felix Potier,
Steven Carrier,
Natalia Brownlow,
Antonio Moreira,
Maria Esther Pena,
Yolanda Paredes,
Felipe Escobar,
Matt Hunt,
Marion Rouxel,
Eliza Russell,
Nelson Gomez,
Annika Lems,
Hilda Green,
Wally Maloney,
Cheryl Hercus,
Laura Escobar,
Vicki Fairfax,
Mauricio Gomez,
Carmenza Jimenez,
Henry Pena,
Madre Monte,
Matt Sanders,
Tim Martin,
Trent McKenzie,
Sebastian Avila,
Joanna Kara,
Ignacio Rojas,
Leticia Vieira,
Barbara Carvajal,
Jose Fernando Ramirez,
Karoll Pinzon,
Andrea Makris,
Mighty Duke And The Lords,
Mat Robb,
Alice Glenn,
Juliana Cepeda,
Jo Trevathan,
Caley O'Neill,
Juan Grajales,
Oscar Jimenez,
Inti, Cat y Jose Nieto,
Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore,
Jeremy Malcomson,
James Gow,
Carlos Colina,
Tafy Avard,
Branch Nebula,
Nadia Rose Watson,
Carolina Triana,
Leuli Eshraghi,
Trippy Taco,
Maria Paula Espinosa,
Sasha Adato,
Juan Felipe Gallo,
Georgie Sedgwick,
Adrian Pearce and Jill Morgan AM,
Fleur Dean,
Marina Clauzet,
Julian Casablanca,
Familia Chinchilla Escobar,
Jimena De La Cuadra,
Jolene Moran,
Alexis Adato,
Alexandra Castano,
Rhys Graham,
George Paras,
Helio Leonardo,
Carlos Arango,
Eduardo Venegas,
Anthony Tropea,
Gabriela Soares,
Jhon Pineda,
Jeronimo Rodriguez Escobar,
Raul Sanchez Urribarri,
Claudia Vidal,
Spanish Australia Magazine,
Barbara Carvajal,
Desh Balasubramaniam,
Meg Larkin,
Alfred Le Coq,
Hernan Palacio,
Natalia Pelaez,
Adam McMaster,
Kim Murata,
Pablo Naranjo,
Kezia Slingsby,
Emily Wearne,
Jorge Echevarria,
Oscar Vargas,
Alfredo Trujillo Leiva,
Robyn Gawenda,
Jake Savona,
Ari Callejas,
Luz Maria Hoyos,
Beatriz Vega,
Lia Cook,
Alejandro Trujillo,
Ximena Heasman,
Christina Melches,
Annemarie Blades,
Asaí Arte Colombia, 



More abou EL TARRO:

EL TARRO transforms any space into a creative atmosphere. It started out at the smallest performing space in the world in Melbourne and then travelled to a rooftop, to an old mill, to an old mansion, to the park, to an art gallery, to the schoolhouse, and then went to Sydney, Berlin, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Bogotá and Venice. 

Over its five years, EL TARRO has brought together people who have formed a community of creative minds from diverse ages, backgrounds, places and walks of life. EL TARRO has always been created by the community and funded by the community and artists involved. 

Have a look at the video below to check out the EL TARRO experience here

EL TARRO facebook page

Saturday, June 16, 2012

EL TARRO - Examples of previous work

EL TARRO declares Summer Revolucion,2012
photo by Raquel Duron Perez

EL TARRO declares Summer Revolucion,2012
photo by Anthony Rodriguez

'The Web' Skye Gellman EL TARRO Stagnant Water,2010
photo by Andrew Bott

Kathleen Gonzales EL TARRO and Samba Cine Club, the blurred side of south america, 2010
photo by Sebastian Avila

Rockie Stone, EL TARRO at The South Project, 2010
photo by Mauricio Rivera

Red Brigade, EL TARRO Carnaval, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2011
 photo by Andrew Bott

Audience member, EL TARRO in Sydney,2010
 photo by Raquel Duron Perez

Performers, EL TARRO declares Summer Revolucion,2012
photo by Raquel Duron Perez

EL TARRO and Samba Cine Club, Aspirins and Vultures, 2011
photo by Sebastian Avila

Daniel Sealock and Cytnhia Granados, EL TARRO Carnaval, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2011
 photo by Andrew Bott

Nahuatl Sound System, EL TARRO and Samba Cine Club, the blurred side of south america, 2010
photo by Sebastian Avila

Madre Monte, EL TARRO at The South Project, 2010
photo by Mauricio Rivera

EL TARRO and Samba Cine Club, Aspirins and Vultures, 2011
photo by Antony Kraus

Cumbia Cosmonauts, EL TARRO Carnaval, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2011
 photo by Andrew Bott

EL TARRO and Samba Cine Club, Aspirins and Vultures, 2011
photo by Antony Kraus

EL TARRO Carnaval, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2011
 photo by Andrew Bott

EL TARRO Carnaval, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2011
 photo by Andrew Bott

Sr BBQ, EL TARRO Carnaval, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2011
 photo by Andrew Bott

Mia Italiano, Choco and the Duck with no head, EL TARRO 2008
 photo by Diego Graue

Leigh Woodburgess EL TARRO declares Summer Revolucion,2012
photo by Raquel Duron Perez

EL TARRO Carnaval, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2011
 photo by Juan C Grajales 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Photos by Anthony Rodriguez 

EL TARRO, the smallest performing space in the world with the support of YOGARTE proudly and loudly declare: SUMMER REVOLUCION!

Art, rhythm, food, music, performance, inventions, games and actions: creative revolt!

Humankind is not an institution, corporation or installation. The human life is an inevitable, marvellous, chaotic and sublime experience in which interaction, infiltration, emancipation and perpetuation play leading roles.

The SUMMER REVOLUCION is a tribute to the revolutionary spirit. To those who think differently and lead us to see the world in other ways.

Headlined by a monster 9 piece band LABJACD mixing old school hip-hop, authentic Latin rhythms and funk with Madre Monte, amalgam of Afro-Colombian rhythms, Cumbia and deep, funky-arse plus Abbie Cardwell and The Chicano Rockers, Mexican rocanrol inspired by vintage Mexican music of the 50's and 60's.

Arrive early to Summer Revolutionary Town infiltrated by more than 100 artists, and an underground market, Señor BBQ and Los Amates. Join a protest with Girly Militaria Red Brigade and No Lights No Lycra, dance reigns supreme, scream for your thing.

Then make your betting on Lucha Libre, manoeuvres in masks at the Santo Town Hall with Nahuatl Sound System plus El Changoleon and El Acordeon. Visit the multi sensory church for some revolutionary meditation.

The real, the surreal, the imaginary and the fantastic are the stars of the night and through freedom of expression the Cultural Revolution will come to live. We are, we communicate, we express, we create, and we are all artists. Now, break through and open the doors to this revolution!

EL TARRO, the smallest performing space in the world continuously innovates in the way audiences experience art, always combining multiple art forms and aiming to inspire diverse emotions in each person that shares the space.

SUMMER REVOLUCION, on the 25 of February at Schoolhouse Studios, 95 Nicholson Street, Abbotsford, from 6pm until late. Presented by PBS.

Tickets: Presale $25 full, $20 conc. Door: $30 full, $25 conc
Tickets available at, 1300 GET TIX (438 849), on your mobile and all moshtix outlets including Polyester Records (City & Fitzroy) and Greville Records.


Selection of performers sites:

Partners Sites: